Facebook 101 & Paid Advertising

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Facebook & Paid Advertising

What you'll learn in this course

Using Facebook to Achieve your Goals

Learn more about the theory behind why your business needs to have a Facebook page and how you can leverage it to achieve your marketing and branding goals.

Know Your Audience

Knowing who you are trying to reach and the best way to reach them is crucial to marketing yourself on Facebook. We'll work with you to take an in-depth look at your target audience.

Creating Great Content

Great content grabs your audience's attention and makes them become a champion for you. We'll share with you the different types of content you can create and some platforms you can use to create it. 

Maximizing the Budget that You Have

Whether you have $10 or $1,000 to put towards Facebook ads, learn how to strategically create ads that get your information to your target audience.

Data Drives Decisions

We'll show you where to view your organic and paid results so you can make adjustments to content and paid advertising to have more successful campaigns in the future.

The 3 R's: Research, Report & Repeat

We'll dive into the results of your paid advertising, show you how you can report the results and make sure you know how to repeat what worked for future marketing campaigns. 

Classes will be held on the first and third Thursday of each month from 6pm-8pm. Below are the class dates for this course:

  • March 17
  • April 7
  • April 21
  • May 5
  • May 19
  • June 2


This course is already in progress!

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