Welcome to Tytanium Academy, read this if you’re new!

Introducing Tytanium Academy Online

Welcome to Tytanium Academy Online! We’re very excited to begin our journey with you as we launch our beta version of the program this week.  Our first course, including three brand new sessions, are available as a free trial this month, and we’re very excited to share them with you.

The lessons we’re offering in our beta access free trial are all a part of our “Facebook for Business” course, which we first taught in the summer of 2016. We learned a lot from that summer class, and based on excellent feedback from our local community of business leaders, we have been able to add even more information and tips to our online version!

There are many more courses being developed right now to cover the most important topics in digital marketing. Stay tuned for courses on Instagram, LinkedIn, SEO, Using Your Website for Marketing, Google AdWords and more!

About the Program

Tytanium Academy began as a weekly class in our humble office in Rocklin, CA. Our goal was to help other small businesses in our community be more successful, even if their budget for marketing and training themselves was limited. The success of these classes led to the creation of Tytanium Academy Online; accessible, on-demand lessons on not just the how-to’s, but the why’s of online marketing, along with the tools, tips, and support you need to grow your business.

Here at Tytanium, we believe that business is ultimately about people, and good business means building relationships. There’s something special about working with a business that, whether you need to call them, or send an email, you already know the name of the person who’s going to be helping you.

We hope that you will enjoy getting to know our team of experts as we create new lessons to keep you up to date on the latest technology, tactics, and strategy to keep your customers engaged, and keep your business growing. Let’s be partners in SUCCESS!